Thursday, July 5, 2012

Latte Art

Hearts, lilies and swirls of smooth micro-foam are the coffee lovers' dream. Only the perfect softness of steamed milk, buttery-ness of fresh brewed espresso and confidence of pour can create the lattes and cappuccinos that I visit in dreams when I return to Italy. That was until today when I learned how to measure, brew and pour the perfect latte! I wish I could have taken a photograph of my first attempt at latte art. The over steamed milk and self-conscious pouring made for a sad lump of textures. After a couple tries however, I was delighted to see a heart appear from the initial creamy dot in my Spanish latte (a cappuccino with sweetened condensed milk). Let's just say, the art of coffee is not far from the science of baking. Here's to delicious taste in liquid form!

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