Monday, February 27, 2012

Delivery! Cranes for You

During my lunch break today I slipped from one section of campus to the other posting 7 crane chains identical to this one in conspicuous places. It's fun being sneaky! Thanks to my accomplice for helping me find good posts.

If you find one/found one, enjoy! These are great to hang as decoration. I made all of the cranes for each chain (15 x 7...105!) during rehearsals and performances for the Vagina Monologues. It's amazing how one good thing inspires another. Many people have asked, have you ever made 1,000 cranes? to which I reply, undoubtedly! The trouble is I've never made them for one cause, UNTIL NOW! I've got my first 100 down, the challenge: make 1,000 for the blog. It'll take many projects, but something BIG will come with the 1,000 crane mark (and I don't just mean a wish).

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Giving an Idea Wings

Folding Cranes, Woodblock, Caitlin Allen, 2011
The philosophy started with cranes and a whole lot of baking: acting from the heart promises good outcomes and spreads joy.  I noticed it first when I baked in a good mood (golden deliciousness), and then again while making the same thing in a bad mood (uninspired blandness). I realized that it's the reason we crave homemade meals. It's the answer to why when your grandmother makes her famous cookie cake it turns out so much better than your version (even though you use the exact same recipe). It's my baking philosophy. I fill the room with good vibes, fun people, bouncy music and great conversation. I make sure that the smile on my face is the first interaction I have with what I am about to make. And I LOVE to bake. Biscaitie is my invention, biscotti in a variety of flavors (peanut butter chocolate chip, mint chocolate chunk, lemon poppy seed, ginger almond, chocolate coconut white chocolate chip...the list goes on and on!) and they have a delightful twist: they're soft! You'll be hearing a lot more about these, I promise.

You're probably wondering where do the cranes come in? To begin with, I love folding cranes. I make them whenever my hands are free. It's a mindless productivity, like knitting or crocheting. You can pick it up anywhere there's paper or a napkin and most importantly, drop it off anywhere too. I do this a lot. I leave cranes as I make them and my hope is that when someone finds one it will bring a smile to their face. That good vibes will result from putting my heart into making anonymous gifts for other people. Could you resist a tiny crane keeping you company at your favorite table in your favorite coffee shop?

I'm going to plant "This is For You," my good vibes through good intentions philosophy, as I go. I'll make cranes, artist books, post cards, name it! Each object will have a tag that says: "This is For You" and directs the lucky finder to this blog. I'll make the object, with the hopes that the finder responds with their experience in finding it.

So, where do you come in, oh lovely reader? I need your help most of all. I want your thoughts and your participation. Send your ideas for projects, inspirational quotes or clippings from magazines. I will collage, assemble, and create. The mission: spread good intentions through surprises (while enjoying some well intended baking, of course).

Here's to spreading joy, one anonymous gift at a time.