Saturday, June 30, 2012

P.S. Pie

My sister has recently gone gluten free, for that matter so have both my mothers. A little familial pressure and a rapidly growing market have inspired me to do some experimentation in the realm of alternative flours. My first trial was inspired by the bounty of fresh picked blueberries at the farmer's market here in Sunnyside, Queens. I set to work at home with the standard recipe, using Bob's Mill All Purpose Flour and Xanthum Gum instead of my normal King Arthur Flour. The dough tasted...miserable. I've always claimed that butter can rescue anything, but the savory chickpea mash that I rolled out on the counter resembled tortillas more than pie crust. A load of cursing and pounding later and the pie was in the oven. I figured I could rescue the fruit and make another frozen pie with it. I talked my friends out of eating any, and resolved that gluten free baking was a lost cause.

And then I took a bite. It's delicious. So here's to P.S. (it's gluten-free) Pie.

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