Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Perfect Cookie Crumble Crust

After a brief stint in Thailand, I am back and baking more than ever! It seems the warm weather, a new kitchen in Sunnyside, and the oodles of time that lay before me have opened my mind and the cupboards to plenty of experimentation.

I made a batch of ginger cookies that I was very excited to post. Unfortunately, they were thick and bready. I blamed it on the oven at first and cleaned up in defeat (I later realized that the wheat flour I was using was not a good substitute for the recipe). With my mind clearer, and my sweet tooth still dissatisfied, I decided the cookies might crumble (haha) into something much more delicious...pie crust! It was a bit too hot in the kitchen to make fruit pie although I purchased a lovely bunch of blueberries and strawberries, so I resolved instead to make a yogurt pie. A little extra butter and a short crisping in the oven and the cookies were turned into a luxurious graham cracker-like crust. I mixed whole milk french vanilla yogurt and fresh pureed strawberries and poured them in. A couple of hours of freezing later, and I am very happy.

Here's to warm weather and cold desserts!

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