Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sugar Loco

Thanks to Sugar Loco for a wonderful article about Biscaitie! It's great to spread the sugar around, so I'm going to throw a little praise their way too. Have you visited their site? Imagine it before you click the link: a website devoted entirely to all things sweet. Discoveries from all over the country of the nifty, tasty and sugary delights that creative bakers concoct. It's dessert porn with the visual effects of a sugar rush. Feast your eye-pettite, check it out.


  1. Never once have we had someone write something about us after we've written about them. Thanks so much!!

    <3 Sugar Loco!

    1. Well then I'm all the more delighted that I did! You deserve it :)

  2. "spread the sugar around - dessert porn - eye pettite" I wish I was speaking English every day ! And with you, if possible